What Patients With Erectile Dysfunction Should Know When Visitng Dr. Dov Rand

Erectile dysfunction is an affliction that affects a large percentage of the male population at some point in their life. Since the condition can have many causes, it can often be difficult to diagnose and treat.

Dr. Dov Rand – Founder of The Healthy Aging Medical Centers

Believe in yourself more and don’t be influenced by what others may tell you. Dr. Dov Rand is a physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist based out of New Jersey. He has been running his practice, the Healthy Aging Medical Centers for over fifteen years and in that time has created a home base for anyone looking to avail themselves of modern evidenced-based medical practices to optimize their health as they age.

Johanan Rand and the Practice of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation – Gazette Day

Physical medicine and rehabilitation, also known as physiatry, is a field of medicine that has been growing for decades. As more and more people turn to the practice for help with a wide range of issues, many have found that they are unaware of some of the basic tenets of the specialty and how it can help them.

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Helps Johanan Rand Heal Patients – News Version

Modern medicine is full of numerous branches and specialties seemingly aimed at treating every malady known to humans. But as information becomes more widely available, many patients are finding that many of these branches can be so focused on a specific method or aspect of an illness that it misses the opportunity for using alternative …

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Though the art of healing may be as old as humanity itself, medical practitioners are constantly striving to increase their knowledge base and find new and improved methods for treating their patients. Stemming from this drive, many medical professionals of late have sought progressive treatment protocols that diverge from some of the traditional methods used …

Q&A With Dr. Dov Rand of Healthy Aging Medical Centers NJ – INTERVIEW

Dr. Dov Rand is a specialist in the field of physical medicine and rehabilitation. As the founder of the Healthy Aging Medical Centers, he maintains a focus on helping patients attain their highest possible level of health throughout all phases of their life.

Dr. Dov Rand: Anti-Aging and Weight Loss Genius | Did You Know It?

Dr. Dov Rand trained at the prestigious Albert Einstein Medical Center in New York before beginning his own treatment clinic, which is called the Healthy Aging Medical Center. He is committed to providing patients the very best therapies that are based on peer-reviewed science and research.

Johanan Rand: Innovative Therapies for Aging –

Johanan Rand offers compassionate care and innovative medical solutions to patients who suffering needlessly from the detrimental effects of aging. He has more than 15 years of experience treating people who are dealing with various symptoms related to aging. This includes a variety of symptoms that often accompany menopause and erectile dysfunction disorder.

Johanan Rand: How You Might Be Aging Towards Erectile Dysfunction – TheBroTalk

Johanan Rand is a certified practitioner of medical acupuncture, and he leads the Healthy Aging Medical Centers as the founding member and acting president. He has more than 15 years of experience in the treatment of age-related disorders including menopause and erectile dysfunction disorder.

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Dr. Dov Rand is the founding member of the Healthy Aging Medical Center, which treats patients suffering from the effects of aging. His programs are all peer-reviewed and designed to treat the cause of the problem at the source. He is a specialist in the field of hormonal replacement and integrative medicine.